Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit

Pair your plugs with your favorite water-based lubricants and wash after each use with soap and water or toy cleaner. The medium one is 1.5-inch in width with a 4-inch usable length. Each jelly plug features a pronounced head and smooth shaft for easy insertion and a flat comfortable base for wearability.

Afterwards, you can always use these plugs with any -ring compatible harness for some extra fun. Jelly jamming with the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit will provide hours of anal bliss as you progress through the increasing sizes of the phthalate free anal jelly dildos.

Perfect for beginners, each plug features a flat comfortable base for easy wearability, while the pronounced head and smooth shaft is sure to make for some jellie jammin' satisfaction! Each plug features plug features a flat, comfortable base for easy manipulation and wearability, while the sculpted head and smooth shaft deliver ultimate pleasure.

These Anal kits are in the shape of a penis and ready for your next fun session. Comfortable base for easy wear. These jellies can be used solo for stimulation or with any -ring compatible harness. Each plug features a flat comfortable base for easy wear ability.

The small plug is 1'' in width with a 3'' usable length, medium is 1.5'' in width with a 4'' usable length, while large offers a 2'' width with a 5'' usable length. The small plug is perfect the for beginner before you move onto to the medium and large sizes. Doc Johnson's Crystal Jellies Anal Starter is a soft and flexible erotic tool for anal enjoyment.

The tapered tip starts off at less than an inch for easy and comfortable insertion, while the widely flared suction cup base means that you don't have to worry about it going anywhere while in use, and it can be attached almost anywhere and be used hands-free.

I bought it to use it to train her to be able to have comfortable anal sex as she had only had anal sex with 3-4 different guys and didn't enjoy the experiences. Comfortable base for easy wear ability. Working your way up in size, the Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Anal Starter Kit starts with a 3 inch beginners butt plug that backdoor kit has a diameter of 1 inch.

This is the perfect kit for beginners or those that enjoy a range of sizes, and a great way to stretch your anal canal out before anal sex. Supple jellies can be worn alone or used with any -ring compatible strap on harness. The 3 plugs (small, medium and large) allow for gradual anal training.

This particular plug is a small size, perfect for beginners. It is perfect for beginners because you can slowly graduate to the medium size and then to the large size when you are ready. These kits come with anal toys at various sizes so you can work your way up from gentle penetration to the full sensation of a large anal toy or penis.

3 piece Anal Starter Kit features pronounced heads and thick shaft. The realistic head and veined, slender shaft are ideal for beginners while the flared base makes the toy suitable for gentle ass play. These plugs should be cleaned with a toy cleaner or mild soap and water before and after each use, and they are compatible with any type of sexual lubricant.

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